Thursday, April 16, 2009

Maybe the Best Creative Connect Ever?

This week we went to Creative Connect at Zischke Studio in the middle of Scottsdale. If you have ever passed this eclectic gallery, I’m sure you wondered what it’s all about. Jeff Zischke, the owner and artist is a designer who has filled his home and art gallery with many unique objects and artifacts. The W, Axis/Radius and Zen 32 are among some of his local infamous design projects. He had a collection of sculptures that I assumed he created, that all were labeled with different professions – the lawyer sculpture looked like a snake, for example.

In the middle of the evening, we gathered to see our host show us his latest project. He was inspired by a fine Japanese paintbrush to see what it would be like to use a female and her hair to paint. He built a contraption, and with a few assistants, loaded a petite Japanese woman so that she hung upside down and then with the help of a crane, he dipped her hair into black paint and proceeded to paint.

It was definitely a night to remember. Thanks Dan, for all your efforts to support the creative community of Phoenix with Creative Connect. You rock.

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